What is your kid going to do after high school? Is he or she going to take a Gap Year to explore the world? If so they may want to take a listen to this podcast and learn about Adventure EXP. AdventureEXP hosts destination work programs that help young people, ages 18-24, travel to exciting locations and empower them to work to offset the cost of their travel. Our programs are centered around young people developing independent life skills on a structured and guided experience with organized learning outcomes. Our free student travel program offers paid experiences that make meaningful travel affordable, tangible and credible. Through our extensive program locations, our travelers travel and thrive! 

Adam Salzman has worked in educational programming for over nine years, involved in everything from study abroad to recruiting international students for global internships and now supporting American students on destination work programs through AdventureEXP. Adam is passionate about meaningful travel, especially with young people, and believes it lays the foundation for a joyful life of purpose and belonging. His own journey started in China during a gap year of studying and interning throughout the country. Since then, Adam has been fortunate to travel to many other parts of the world with purpose and help hundreds of young people do the same.





The Gap Year Association 


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