Reading, Writing and Arithmatic – better known as the 3 Rs of schooling which pretty much go back to the very beginnings of schools themselves. But when do you start teaching them to read. It seems to be getting earlier and earlier all the time. When is it appropriate? Gina and Don interview Korbalage (Kor Ba La Guy ) Kuawogai ( Quay Wo Gee ) from Teach My Kinder.  She is a child development expert and has a passion about kids reading. Join us for this informative and fun conversation with Korbalagae…

Korbalagae helps preschool/kindergarten Moms to stop stressing and feeling overwhelmed about their children’s reading progress so they can focus on teaching their children to read while having fun. She is passionate about sharing early literacy information to help Moms take an active role in their children’s learning. She is the founder of Teach My Kinder™.

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