Do you have furry children? The pets that help you through even the roughest times and are there for you even when people are not. Have you lost a furry friend in the past? Gina and Don have a tribute to their dog Olive who recently passed away. They talk too about how animals play a big role in healing. Join us for this emotional discussion…

This year Olive, our fun-loving and beautiful dog passed away. She had lived 16 years and was one of the best dogs ever.  Olive was there for my middle child when Abby was going through her worst times. Olive was her therapy and rescue. She really was the rescue for all of us. She was a brave dog who defended us when another dog tried to attack us. She was the dog that never complained or whimpered. She was the one that was there anytime someone was ill or not feeling their best. I attribute Abby’s recovery from OCD a lot to Olive. She loved us and life. It was extremely hard letting go of her. She will be remembered always in our hearts and mind. Gina and I did this tribute to Furry Angels and Olive on this podcast.

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