Music triggers a different part of the brain that can open up seniors who may be dealing with dementia or alzheimer’s. They can sing the song or play the piano even when they can’t remember what day it is. Anthony Cirillo with Sagestream has worked in the senior population for a long time and now offers music and entertainment streaming for senior facilities. Enjoy with Gina and Don as they talk to Anthony about his work and passion for the senior population.

Anthony Cirillo

Founder of Sage Stream

Anthony is a health, aging and caregiving expert. He is president of The Aging Experience and creator of the Caregiver Smile Summit and Sage Stream. He is a board member of the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function as well as a member of the Nationwide Financial / National Council on Aging Health and Wellness Roundtable and the Bank of America Elder Care Policy Roundtable. Read more here…


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