Today Gina and Don interview Claire Martin and now in her own words she will describe who she is and why we love talking to her:

Hi, I’m Claire Martin the founder and host of “Strong, Single and Human” Podcast.

So, who the hell am I?

I moved to Australia 13 years ago for love!!!!! oh and to have fun, work hard and live the Australian dream…. the last thing I expected was to be a 49-year-old single mum navigating the challenges of raising a child on my own with no support network but here I am.

In my pre-child life, I had been a project manager running global multimillion-dollar IT projects, managing multiple teams and I reported to top-level management…but nothing could have prepared me for the immense ups and downs of being a parent let alone a single parent.

The last 9 years have been a roller coaster ride –
• escaping an abusive alcoholic relationship and the fallout that comes with it,
• working a high-pressure 24/7 job while trying to circumnavigate pick-ups, drop-offs and all the rest.
• dealing with mummy guilt battles daily
• losing said job one week before having a major heart operation
• and most importantly trying to hold it together for my son’s sake and his emotional stability.

The one thing I realized is life throws us all curve balls and I’m no different to anyone else in fact I’ve had it pretty good compared with other single parents….
And so, “Strong Single and Human” was born…….

My podcast is a journey into the Nirvana of single-parentdom and to find out if it is possible to live life on your own terms and stay sane somewhat!!!

My goal is to help, inspire and give people hope…. that you can thrive while traversing the craziness of raising children solo.

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